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Augusto Schillaci is an Argentinian director, writer and senior VFX supervisor. He has been working on animated movies and live action visual effects for the last 30 years. During his extensive career, he has worked side by side with top studios like DreamWorks, Sony, Warner Brothers, Disney, Fox and Paramount pictures. 

Schillaci has directed multiple projects, including the inaugural animated short films from the Best Fiends mobile game franchise with a combined 30 Million YouTube views, animated commercial spots for LEGO Batman and Chevrolet as well as game cinematic for Transformers and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

In his time at Reel FX, he has also served as Senior Visual Effects Supervisor for the Golden-Globe nominated Book Of Life and Free Birds, which he also Art directed.

Most recently, his award-winning short, “La Calesita”, premiered at the Annecy Film Festival, where it took home a Special Jury Prize.

Take a journey through my portfolio below.

La Calesita

“Writer / Director”

-Short- Annecy Film Festival –CANAL+ Junior Jury Award
Reel Fx Animation

The Book of Life

“Senior VFX Supervisor”

-Feature Film- 20th Century Fox Animation / Reel Fx Animation

Virtual Production

Looney Toons

“Senior VFX Supervisor”

-Shorts- Warner Bros. Animation / Reel Fx Animation

Augusto Schillaci’s distinct blend of Argentinian, Italian, and American influences defines him as a director with a truly unique artistic perspective. His extensive and illustrious career as a Visual Effects Supervisor has endowed him with a profound understanding of every facet of animated movie production.

Best Fiends


-Shorts- Seriously / Reel Fx Animation

Shrek – Kung Fu Panda -Penguins – Bee Movie -Madagascar

“Director / Senior VFX Supervisor”

-TV Ads- Dreamworks Animation / Reel Fx Animation

Lego Batman – Ninjago

“Director / Senior VFX Supervisor”

-TV Ads- Warner Bros. Animation / Reel Fx Animation


“Director / Senior VFX Supervisor”

-TV Ads – DVD short – Blue Sky Studios / Reel Fx Animation

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