Ilford Article on my work for Shinola Watches

ILFORD PHOTO PRODUCTS STAND THE TEST OF TIME Photographer Augusto Schillaci used film based photography to exhibit the latest Shinola watches at their Detroit, New York and London stores The Gomelsky watch design by Shinola photographed by Augusto Schillaci. © Image copyright Augusto Scillaci/Shinola Shinola watches are crafted by hand […]

Darkroom Prints with expired Agfa Brovira fiber paper

This paper is amazing, after 15 years it’s still working good and with no need of bromide. The development time is longer but not bad. I love Ilford papers, but I miss the weight and texture of the old fiber papers. Here are some examples from a late Darkroom session. […]

New updates to the Web Page

If you are looking around, you will notice that I’m working on updating several areas of the webpage. The most important update is the addition of the SHOP, where custom prints and other items will be for sale soon. Please email me with any questions.

Taking notes when printing on a Darkroom

When printing on a Darkroom, it is very important to take notes on exposure times, paper type, dodge, burn, etc. They will be essential to be use at a later time, when trying to recreate the same print.    

Skateboarding and Film Photography

I have been skateboarding pools and Half pipes on and off since I was a kid. Also I have been doing photography on and off since I was kid and there is nothing better than combining both of them. Skateboarding+film photography+darkroom @BWPMag @stillshootfilm @BelieveInFilm @FilmsnotDead @ThePhotoChannel — Augusto Schillaci […]

The Kallitype Process

Ever since I started Photography, I want it to do alternative process printing. I was fascinated with the Platinum Palladium look, the way that the image is inside the paper and not on the surface. Because Platinum Palladium is very expensive, I went with the Kallitype process, more economical, but […]

Deep Ellum Polaroids

On very rare occasions I do color photography. This is one of them. GetReelGoods commissioned me to take some snapshots around Deep Ellum to be sold at their shop.     GetReelGoods

Kallitype test for Shinola

A quick test before creating the 24×24 Kallitype Prints I did for Shinola. Please check these amazing Watches made in Detroit USA

Featured on April Black+White Photography Magazine issue

A nice little promotion on my Kallitype printing work

Working with Rollei infrared 400 and Kodak Ektalure expired paper

I took my Mamiya 7 II with the 43mm lens to test a roll of the infrared Rollei 400.  I like the idea that you can use this film with no filter, so I decided to test this roll just with a regular red filter and not the common one […]